Uber Eats

Uber Eats

Platforms like Uber Eats have literally changed the way people live. It enables people to order food and get it delivered to them right away. It helped businesses and restaurants to thrive even during a pandemic. Finally, it opens up job opportunities for millions of people joining as a driver. In 2018 alone, Uber Eats has up to 4 millions drivers working in all 45 countries.

Signing up to be a driver and making money is easy. Alongside the quick registration, Uber Eats have a flexible policy where you can use either a car, scooter, bicycle or even walk on foot as a delivery man. Depending on each method of transportation, you will have to fulfill the requirement as follows:

Delivery by car
A 2-door or 4-door car
Meet the minimum driving age in your city
Have a valid driver license
Submit a social security number for a background check
Delivery by scooter
At least 19 years old
Motor scooter under 50cc
Have a valid driver license
Submit a social security number for a background check
Delivery by bicycle or on foot
At least 18 years old
Submit a government-issued ID
Have a valid driver license
Submit a social security number for a background check

After fulfilling the requirements according to your preferred transportation, you can start signing up in 4 easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a driver account

As usual, visit the Uber Eats website and sign up to be a driver. You will be asked to fill up these details:

  • Full name
  • Email
  • Password
  • City
  • Phone number
  • Type of vehicle
  1. Background check

You will be asked for a photo identification and to submit other required documents. Once submitted, you will have to wait for them to be verified and you can finally be a driver

  1. Go online

After being accepted as a driver, you can start going online to accept orders from the application

  1. Deliver the orders

Finally, you will be guided by a map to the designated restaurants. After picking it up, you can deliver it to the given address and accept your first payment

How Much Can You Earn as an Uber Eats Driver?

Uber Eats provides great opportunities for people looking for new income sources. While we do not recommend you to expect getting rich from being a driver, it does pay quite well. Depending on how many deliveries you make, plenty of drivers around the world receive more than the minimum wages in their country.

As a driver, you will be paid a flat rate on each order. Additionally, you will receive a per-mile payment. The distance will be measured according to the most efficient route calculated by the map, so make sure to follow the map! Finally, you will also received 4 types of bonus, including:

  • Boost zones

In some areas within your cities (usually crowded with high traffic), you will receive a multiplier rate on each delivery

  • Surge pricing

Surge pricing also involves a multiplier rate on each delivery. Surge pricing is usually activated during high-demand times regardless of the geographical location. The surge bonus will be calculated on your net delivery earnings, so you will receive bigger bonus with more deliveries

  • Quest promotions

Quest promotions are similar to unlocking achievement in games. After a certain amount of deliveries, you will have access to join quest promotion, where you have to fulfill certain amount of deliveries within a timeframe to unlock the bonus

  • Customer tips

The great thing about Uber Eats is they do not charge your tips! Your tips will be 100% for you to keep, so make sure to deliver on time and give your best effort

Pros and Cons of Being a Driver

If you are still hesitant about being a driver, here are some of its pros and cons taken from real driver’s perspective:


  • Flexible work hours

When you become a driver on Uber Eats, you will be working under Uber and have to comply with their policies. However, being an Uber Eats driver is not like working a 9-5 job. You will get paid based on your deliveries, and Uber never asked for a minimum delivery per day. You will enjoy a flexible work hour, so feel free to use Uber Eats as your part-time job

  • Easy to sign up

As we have mentioned for you before, registering to be a driver is easy and quick, just make sure that you fulfill every one of the requirements and you will be good to go!

  • Multiple ways to earn (including bonus)

We have discussed how you will earn money from Uber Eats, and you may have noticed that it involves multiplier rates and bonuses. If you are not working full time, you can always maximize your earnings by working on certain times of the day or areas where a multiplier rate is being used

  • Suitable for anyone

As long as you are above the age limit and have the required license and transportation, you can earn with Uber Drivers. From part-timer to students, you can find drivers from different background within Uber Eats


  • No fixed income

While the flexible hour seems great, remember that you only get paid for what you work for. You will not earn anything if you do not deliver. As the payment for each delivery is not that large, you will have to work multiple deliveries per day if you are looking to make a living as a driver

  • Depreciation of vehicle

While you can deliver by foot, most drivers use private transportation to deliver the food. As you are using it everyday, your vehicle may wear and tear a little bit on the way. Uber Eats are not responsible for your vehicle so it may add up to your personal cost


The world needs more innovation like Uber Eats. Not only are they making profit for themselves, they also help improve the livelihood of up to 3 parties at one go. We highly recommend you to check out Uber Eats!

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