Money Making Apps

Money Making Apps

Not everybody wants a full-time online business, and sometimes a side hustle will do, just to put a few extra pennies in the bank.

Well, if that’s what you’re looking for, then there are plenty of money-making apps available that’ll pay you to use them. You might not become rich this way, but it’ll certainly give you some extra cash to play around with.


One of the most highly rated money-making apps is Swagbucks. You essentially get cashback on online purchases, earn money through surfing the web, and get paid to watch videos online. Seriously. It won’t earn you a mountain of cash, but it’ll definitely give you some extra cash over the course of a month that can make a real difference to your life.

The best part is, you can redeem your rewards as cash, or through gift cards, so you can decide which is best for you and then make the most of the money you’ve earned, just by doing the things you’d already be doing online.


If you’re somebody who quite enjoys keeping up with the financial market, then Robinhood is a great app for you! It essentially allows you to grow your wealth by using their app to invest in stocks and crypto trading. You trade in real-time and the app is incredibly user-friendly, so you’ll be a whiz at it in just a few hours.

This money-making app isn’t for everybody, but if you’re somebody who understands the stock market well, then you can make some serious cash through this app, and seriously increase your wealth. But be warned, you really must know what you’re doing to make the big bucks!


Dosh works in a very similar way to Swagbucks, but focuses mainly on the purchases you make every day with the cards linked to your Dosh account.

That means it isn’t all about making money online, but getting cashback and rewards for the money you spend when you’re out and about in your daily life. It’s a great way to earn money passively as you just go about your life.

The best thing about Dosh is that it has over 100,000 partners, and you can earn money by doing everyday things such as shopping for groceries or filling up your tank at a gas station!

The money you earn is transferable straight to your bank through PayPal too, so you get every dollar you earn back, so long as you reach the $25 minimum to withdraw your earnings.


This one will probably blow your mind, because you shouldn’t be able to earn cash back and rewards just by walking, but with StepBet you can! It essentially allows you to make bets with yourself about the fitness goals you set.

As you complete more of your goals, the more money you earn, and it’s one of the best money-making apps available because it also gets you up doing more too, so your financial health improves alongside your physical health!

This app isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it is a great motivator and allows you to make some cash while getting healthier. What’s not to love about that?


If you’ve ever been told that playing video games is a waste of time, then it’s time you met InboxDollars! If you spend a lot of time playing games on your phone, then you might as well earn a little cash from it too, right? With over 30 games to choose from, you earn money by playing them through InboxDollars.

You can earn anything from 25 cents to 5 dollars for each activity depending on the difficulty, but your money can grow quite quickly like this. Again, it isn’t something you’ll quit your day job for, but it’ll help a lot when you need some extra cash!

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