Making a Money Box: 4 Easy DIY Ideas – Kids Piggy Bank Craft Projects

Making a Money Box: 4 Easy DIY Ideas – Kids Piggy Bank Craft Projects

Children can make these money boxes with or without help. And anyone planning a gift of money can also be inspired by these ideas.

1. Savings box as a travel fund: Always keep your savings goal in mind

With the help of a handy adult, you can use a thick picture frame to make a money box that shows you what you are saving money for instead of spending it. In this case, a card with the dream destination was chosen in order to convert the money box into a travel fund. You could just as well depict a great bike, a notebook or other larger wishes here. Or you simply choose a suitable motif that the child likes, or a motivating saying if you want to make a money box without a specific savings goal.

2. Simple money box to paint yourself

money box

Some containers are perfect for converting into a piggy bank – such as cereal or chip jars, which are lined with paper and closed with a simple plastic lid. After a helpful adult has cut the savings slot in the lid with a cutter, children can design and decorate the box to their heart’s content: You can paint it, stick wrapping paper or other pictures on it. And since the lid is very easy to open, you can quickly access your savings if you need them.

3. Paper mache piggy bank

Of course, a real piggy bank should not be missing either! You can make a nice round pig with paper mache. This is (fittingly) a delightful mess for parents and kids to throw together.

You need:

  • Balloons that dictate the shape
  • Newspaper torn into strips
  • Mix the paste and water in a plastic or rubber container according to the instructions
  • Paint for painting and glue
  • Cardboard or felt for feet and ears, if available, egg cartons and toilet paper rolls are also suitable

That’s how it’s done:

  1. Blow up and knot the balloon
  2. Brush with paste, then stick with newspaper clippings and continue alternating
  3. When the paper mache layer is thick enough, let it dry, then pop open the balloon and remove
  4. Now you can make a little pig out of the cardboard balloon by painting it pink, gluing on ears, feet and curly tail and drawing on eyes

4. Tinkered all by myself: Lego money box

Lego money box
Lego money box

Children can tinker with this money box all by themselves and unsupervised, because there is no risk of injury. Maybe the little ones need a few tips to make it work… You can build all sorts of things out of Lego bricks and elements, and of course a colorful money box too. It might also be a cool idea to still use the bricks when the kids feel too grown up to play with Lego.

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