GTA 5 Online: Top 10 ways to make money

GTA 5 Online: Top 10 ways to make money

Even in the world of GTA Online, money doesn’t grow on trees. Even for career criminals in Los Santos, the best things don’t come for free. If you don’t just want to be satisfied with the standard vehicle from the next best parking lot, but want to go for the Oppressor MK II flying motorcycle, for example, which still costs a proud 3,890,250 GTA dollars, you have to earn something.

But even those players who don’t like the luxury of GTA 5 Online at all and simply enjoy the varied missions have to invest beforehand. Special operations centers are a prerequisite for the popular heists, which also cost several million GTA dollars.

In this guide, you’ll learn the easiest ways to make money in GTA 5 Online.

GTA 5 Top 10 ways to make money

GTA Online: You need tons of money for these purposes

Basically, GTA 5 Online offers numerous ways to pass the time even without using play money. However, some luxury items increase the gaming fun on the console and on the PC and offer a change from the normal weapons, vehicles and missions. So if you don’t make any money, you’re missing out.

Cars, motorcycles and airplanes, which are added to the open world classic in regular updates, always have to be bought with a lot of money on the game’s own Internet. Several million GTA dollars are usually necessary to be able to add the vehicles, including all upgrades, to your own fleet.

The gold-plated Buckingham Luxor Deluxe plane, for example, costs a whopping $10,000,000. The Aquarius Yacht is only slightly cheaper, for which players still have to shell out 8,000,000 dollars. After all, special extras are offered for this. Some vehicles have built-in weapon systems, serve directly as a mobile command center or can fly and activate parachutes.

If you don’t just want to have fun with the standard missions, you have to invest as well. Heists and certain missions are only available if you have previously bought an apartment or a certain building such as the bunker or the casino. For real estate in GTA Online, there is usually a seven-digit bill to pay.

Heists in GTA 5 Online are also a good way to make a lot of money quickly. However, in order to be able to raise the required start-up capital, the following methods are recommended, which give beginners a few dollars:

Fast Money: Raids and spontaneous events

For many players, simple heists are the first steps in the gangster world of Los Santos. These don’t bring big money in GTA Online, but the necessary starting capital to provide you with weapons. For a handful of GTA dollars, you can scour the gas stations and kiosks that you find on the map in classic robber fashion. You always snatch a few hundred dollars at gunpoint. However, make sure that every heist also attracts the attention of the local police department!

Spontaneous events will also help you if you want to earn money in GTA 5. These pop up every now and then and offer you smaller challenges. You can also get the much-coveted seed capital by paying a bounty.

Daily goals offer attractive bonuses

Daily goals in GTA Online not only serve as a recurring motivation if you have already seen everything in the game. They also provide you with 5,000 RP and 30,000 GTA dollars every 24 hours. Every day, three new daily goals are unlocked for you, which you can use to reach the necessary levels that grant you access to new vehicle upgrades and weapons.

If you diligently tick all your goals for a week, you can expect a bonus of $150,000. After one month you can benefit from an additional bonus payment of $750,000. The daily goals are available to all players from rank 15 and are extremely worthwhile as they fit seamlessly into the ongoing game and can be completed with little effort.

Simple missions and races: Earn GTA Online money reliably without other players

Similar to the single player, there are also missions in GTA Online with which you can get money easily and quickly. The jobs for beginners are not particularly challenging and also promise little variety after a short time, but are ideal for a quick buck. Five-digit sums are the order of the day with just a few minutes of work.

The missions usually consist of killing a horde of enemies and finally transporting goods to a specific location. There are also races against real opponents, where you get part of the prize money even if you finish in the back. Compared to conventional jobs, these are also much more exciting and varied.

Sell cars at Los Santos Customs or Simeon

One resource is infinite in GTA 5: cars. You can find them on every corner, and every single vehicle can be cracked within a few seconds. If you are able to transport the vehicle undamaged to the next tuning workshop “Los Santos Customs”, you can sell it there for a handsome price. Depending on the quality of the car, you will receive well over $10,000 for successfully delivering it. Attention: You can only sell a vehicle in the workshop once a day, i.e. every 48 minutes.

Regardless, Simeon will occasionally ask you to track down a specific vehicle and run to it. Once you have found the right car, you have to repaint it and finally bring it unscathed to the shady car salesman you already know from the single player. This rewards you with a purchase price that is 50 percent higher than Los Santos Customs. Simeon also gratefully accepts individual vehicles that are “too hot” for the tuning workshop.

The most lucrative source of money for beginners: time trials

GTA Online players agree: Time Trials is the best and fastest way to make money in GTA. The special thing about this option is that these tasks can usually be completed in a maximum of two minutes. The races, which fit seamlessly into the world of GTA 5 Online, are scattered all over the map. More than a dozen races against the clock are just waiting for you to master them.

However, these races are by no means easy. A small accident in Grand Theft Auto 5 is often enough and you can return to the starting point. But if you manage to beat the clock, you’ll get $100,000 in one fell swoop. Once a week you are allowed to take the easily earned sum with you.

Once you own an arena property, you can complete similar time trials with remote-controlled vehicles. Like normal vehicles, the RC Banditos can even be improved with upgrades. You can also use the miniature vehicles to pocket 100,000 dollars in no time at all. In this way, you can secure $200,000 a week in just a few minutes, which you should ultimately invest wisely. This is the only way you can hunt for big money using the following methods:

Get rich in GTA Online: Master Lucrative Heists

The Heists were the first major update that was eagerly awaited in GTA Online. After all, most players had already had enough of the above-mentioned ways of making money and wanted new ways to get money quickly.

A heist in GTA 5 Online is nothing more and nothing less than a big robbery, as you expect from the single player at the end. If you want to start a heist yourself, you must be at least rank 12 and own an apartment, although you can also participate in raids by your friends. First of all, preparatory missions have to be fulfilled for the big raid, which often even have an influence on the amount of loot.

For later heists with a higher level of difficulty, simple apartments are no longer sufficient. Then you must be the owner of a nightclub or the bunker, for example. The Cayo Perico Heist as well as the Casino Heist are considered to be the most lucrative ways to raise money. Up to 4,570,600 dollars are waiting for your team in the first mentioned heist, which of course you still have to split among yourselves as brothers.

Get started as a CEO in the car trade

If you have an office as a CEO, there are many doors open to you for semi-legal money-making. Such an office is already available from 1,000,000 GTA dollars, but the price of this type of property only affects the location in the game. In addition to the office, secure a vehicle warehouse and you can start importing and exporting vehicles.

Select the vehicle trade on the computer and press “Procure vehicle”! A set of wheels will be shown to you on the map, which has either a low, medium or even high sales value. When stealing, be careful not to damage the car. After all, you have to pay for the repair yourself.

You should not sell the lower priced vehicles. After all, the game is careful to only assign you a car once. If you already own all the cheap vehicles, only expensive vehicles will be displayed on the map.

Both theft and delivery to the customer can sometimes be dangerous. However, if you manage to successfully sell the luxury vehicle you want, a profit of over $100,000 awaits you.

Store boxes and sell them profitably

If selling cars is too hot for you, you can take a more dignified approach with crates. In addition, acquire a warehouse, preferably in the largest level, in order to be able to rake in several millions per sale.

Selling crates is similar to selling cars. Order goods from the PC in the office and then have them displayed on the map! All you have to do is bring the vans, which are loaded with various illegal materials, to your warehouse and store them successfully. Of course, you can always be harassed by other players along the way. That’s why it helps at this point to play in a private lobby.

The largest warehouse can hold up to 111 boxes, but costs at least $1,900,000. Compared to the smaller and medium-sized warehouses, which only offer space for 16 or 42 boxes, the investment is definitely worth it. However, you should note that in this case you are buying the goods and not stealing them, so you always have to invest a small amount of money.

A full large warehouse brings you around $2,300,000 when you sell the goods, but you should estimate several hours of gameplay for this.

Make money with illegal business in the motorcycle club in GTA 5

If you want to make money with a motorcycle club, you must first purchase a suitable clubhouse, which costs a maximum of $495,000. After that, you can choose between different illegal businesses. For example, you can own a cocaine lab for another investment.

The employees working there ensure that the stock of illegal material increases over time. Now you can sell the manufactured goods at any time. When trading on the other side of town, there’s even a hazard payout waiting for you and your crew. If you are traveling alone, it is advisable to sell after two product bars have been filled. Otherwise you sometimes have to worry about transporting up to three fully loaded heavy trucks, which are nothing less than a rolling powder keg in the underworld of Los Santos.

However, a full warehouse gives you several hundred thousand dollars in revenue, which you can access several times a day, so it’s a good deal. The principle works in a similar way with the bunker. Here, too, employees work on the supply of supplies, which you can then sell.

Trade on a large scale with the Hangar

With the help of the warehouse and the office, it is possible for you to track down crates and move them profitably. The hangar, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to expand this business field to the sky.

A hangar is of course quite expensive with a seven-figure price. However, the purchase also has a nice side effect, as you get access to the airport and can park your planes there. However, it is also possible for you to track down various dangerous or valuable goods by plane or helicopter and store them in the hangar. But bodyguard and aerobatic missions are also on the agenda as soon as you own a hangar at Los Santos airport. Once the storage is full, you can sell the inventory at a high price.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Which method do you use to rake in the most GTA dollars?

After weighing all the options, this should be the vehicle trade. However, this option is considered to be enormously repetitive over time. At the end of the day, you probably have more fun with the heists, which also don’t require such a high investment. However, those who are particularly active can use all methods to make daily seven-figure profits, which can be invested in real estate or vehicles with the regular updates.

Which car brings the most money in GTA 5 online?

You can earn the most money with the Lampadati Felon GT, which will bring you a whopping 9500 GTA dollars. This is followed closely by the Lampadati Felon in the standard version at $9,000 and the Gallivanter Baller, which fetches the same price.

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