Best Paid Online Surveys

Best Paid Online Surveys

We are talking about doing online surveys for money! Yes, you read it right, you can fill up surveys for money. All you need to contribute in paid online surveys is your internet connection, a device, your email account, and finally your valuable opinion.

Unlike freelance working, blogging, and many other ways to make money online, paid surveys may earn you less, but it does pay a decent amount of money for the small effort that you have to put in. Registering to fill up a survey is usually quick and easy, most surveys will take only 15 minutes, and it pays $5 on average. If you are asking how much you can earn filling surveys for money, it really depends on the site and frequency of your survey.

As we have mentioned before, filling up a survey is easy. There will be no script or specific requirement that you have to include in your paid surveys. You can fill up the survey honestly with your opinions. Most companies that requested for a paid survey are looking for useful feedback from people like yourself, so feel free to give your opinion regardless of it being positive or negative.

There are hundreds of legit paid survey sites that you can find on the internet, but not all of them pay well. Some take ages before transferring you with your well deserved money, and some might not even pay you for filling up the surveys. To make sure that you get paid well for your surveys, we recommend checking out the following sites:

  • Opinion Compare
  • Valued Opinions
  • Unique Rewards

Those sites are some of the best legit paid surveys sites that you can rely on. They have their own perks, but you can expect a proper service when working with any of them. In the following article, we will guide you through an extensive review about each paid survey site, stay tuned and let’s find out more!

Opinion Compare

Opinion Compare is one of the best paid survey sites in New Zealand. Available only for people living in New Zealand, the goal of Opinion Compare is to improve future products that will be created and released by companies in New Zealand. As a Kiwi, your feedback will be valuable towards the advancement of products and innovation in New Zealand. The survey itself covers a wide variety of topics, from your favourite kind of beverages, TV shows that you watched, to the rugby team that you support.

How does Opinion Compare work?

One of the reasons why tens of thousands Kiwis have filled the survey is that Opinion Compare is simple to work with. Upon participating in a survey, you will have to fill up a short questionnaire regarding your demographics and details. Once you are successfully registered, you will receive your first dollar from the site.

Being a member of Opinion Compare is very convenient. Instead of logging in to the website daily, you will receive emails on upcoming surveys. If your demographic is suitable for the survey, you can click on the link and you will be brought into a survey created by the third party. If you want to receive more surveys in the future, we recommend filling up every detail about your information, as it is often required in order for you to be eligible in a survey.

Is this online survey Legit?

Opinion Compare is a community based survey site with members from every corner of New Zealand. We can guarantee you that the website is as legit as it gets. Opinion Compare is not only popular and used by people looking for rewards for their surveys, it has helped a lot of Kiwi businesses to improve their overall businesses, so you definitely trust Opinion Compare!

How Will You Get Paid?

You will receive points after filling each survey. 1000 points will be worth $10 upon withdrawals. As for the payment, Opinion Compare will pay you in the form of gift cards and vouchers. The minimum withdrawals will be $10, and it can be done through different options including:

  • Domino‚Äôs
  • Apple app store
  • JB hi-fi
  • Many more

How Much Money Can You Make

Opinion Compare is an easy way for Kiwis to earn quick money and rewards online. Just don’t expect to make a living out of Opinion Compare. Opinion Compare is a community website to build a better New Zealand. When you fill a survey with honest feedback, you are contributing to the country as a whole. Instead of focusing on the money, we recommend taking it as a bonus for filling up a fun survey,

Each survey actually pays a decent amount of money. Approximately once a week, you will be invited to fill a survey. You can gain a minimum of $10 for each survey once you reach the requirements. If you are looking to maximize your earnings with Opinion Compare, we recommend filling up the survey every time you receive an invitation link.

Pros and Cons


  • Fun and decent rewards
  • Surveys for good cause
  • Eligible for almost anyone in New Zealand
  • Quick and easy survey


  • Low survey frequency depending on your demography
  • Only available for people in New Zealand

Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is a market research panel that offers a paid online survey for their members. Established in 2004, Valued Opinions has decades of experience within the industry and has proven themselves as one of the world leaders in the paid survey industry. Valued Opinions is actually operated by a market research company called Dynata, and the online survey site is now available in 15 different languages for people in more than 20 countries including UK, USA, Ireland, South Africa, and many more.

How does Valued Opinions work?

You might be wondering why companies like Valued Opinions are rewarding you for simply filling up a survey. In reality, your opinions and feedback are valuable data that companies and governments around the world can use in their decision making. From making new products, providing services, to improving government policies, honest opinions from these surveys are highly influential.

Market research panels like Valued Opinions exist to connect users with the third party (businesses, government entities, etc). Valued Opinions will collect surveys and process the data to be sent to the third party. As a return, the third party will pay for the datas and provide rewards for both the market research panel and the respondent.

Signing up to be a member is easy, you can simply visit the site and complete a short registration form. The form consists mostly of your primary information which will determine the kind of survey you will be receiving, and your email address for them to inform you regarding new surveys. Valued Opinions membership is free and open for almost anyone, they have a minimum age of 13 in the USA, 14 in Australia, and 16 in the UK.

Once you are successfully registered as a member of Valued Opinions. The company will inform you for any survey that you are eligible for. Shortly after filling up the survey, you will receive a reward according to each survey.

Is it Legit?

As a market research panel, Valued Opinions has been around since 2004. It was initially a part of the ReseachNow group, until the group merged with Survey Sample International in 2017. Still operating under the same group, the parent company decided to change its name to Dynata. Dynata itself operates up to 17 different surveying sites, with Valued Opinion as one of their oldest operating sites.

Valued Opinions is not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but it received an A+ rating and has over 3 million members from more than 20 countries worldwide. When it comes to surveying sites, we can safely say that Valued Opinions is as legit as it gets and will provide you with an outstanding service in exchange of your feedback and opinions.

How Will You Get Paid?

Valued Opinion will invite you to participate in 1-4 surveys each week. The frequency depends solely on your demographic as not all surveys will be eligible for you. Depending on each survey, you will be paid around $1 to $5 for a 15-20 minutes long survey. While some surveys may be too long for just a dollar, do keep in mind that Valued Opinions can disqualify your survey for any misconduct. Disqualification will result in less invitation for surveys in the following week, so make sure to fill up the survey honestly.

You can start to redeem your earnings once you have at least $10 worth of rewards. You can choose either an online gift card or vouchers from partnering companies.

How Much Money Can You Make

The amount of money you can make with Valued Opinions ultimately depends on the type of survey you participated in and your frequency of filling up a survey. It really is out of your control but we recommend checking your email every week for surveys notification. Alongside participating in the survey, here are some other things that you can do to earn you rewards:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Diary studies
  • Join a focus group
  • Membership levels

Pros and Cons


  • Available for international users
  • Easy and fun survey to complete
  • 1-4 surveys each week
  • A variety of rewards


  • Rewards only in form of vouchers and online gift cards
  • Disqualification may cause a payment denial

Unique Rewards

Unique Rewards is another online surveying site that has been around since 2003. Similar to the other surveying sites, Unique Rewards connects third parties with their user through an online paid survey. While Unique Rewards pays relatively less than the other surveying sites, they offer real cash directly into your Paypal account. However, it may take you weeks to reach just $20 in rewards.

How does Unique Rewards work?

Signing up with Unique Rewards is quick and simple. You can sign up on their official website and complete a form asking for your basic information and questions regarding your interests. Shortly after submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email that will welcome you as a member of Unique Rewards. You can finally start earning after being invited to participate in a survey.

Unique Rewards is only eligible for people in the USA, Canada, and the UK. Besides the minimum age requirement of 18 years old, there is no specific requirement to sign up with Unique Rewards. Teenagers still can sign up with parental permission. But keep in mind that Unique Rewards only accept 1 account from each household (sorted by the mailing address).

Is Unique Rewards online survey Legit?

As mentioned before, Unique Rewards has been operating since 2003. Unique Rewards does not have a BBB accreditation. However millions of people have successfully participated in the surveys and received their rewards. While there may be a few errors or delays here and there, we can guarantee that Unique Rewards is a legit surveying site.

How Will You Get Paid?

Unlike most surveying sites, Unique Rewards does not have a merit point system and will pay you directly with cash. You will receive new surveys weekly. You will be paid around $0.50 to $1 for an approximately 15 minutes long survey. The minimum withdrawals will be $20. You can redeem your earnings straight into your Paypal account or collect a check which will take around 30 days to process.

How Much Money Can You Make

Looking at the fees for each survey, do not expect to earn loads of reward with Unique Rewards. To maximize your earnings, make sure to check your email every week and participate in the following for additional rewards:

  • Invite a friend
  • Radio offer
  • Cash email offers
  • Watch videos
  • Click cash offers
  • Gold membership
  • Online shopping
  • Playing games

Pros and Cons


  • Redeemable in form of Paypal or a check
  • Numerous way to earn additional cash
  • Surveys only take approximately 15 minutes


  • Pays less than other surveying sites
  • The interface is not modern and can be rather confusing


That concludes our article on earning from online survey sites. Each survey site offers different amounts of rewards. Not all of them can be redeemed in a form of cash. The way we see it, participating in online surveys may not earn you much money. But it can be a fun thing to do for a decent amount of rewards.

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